Freedom Train Honors KathyS and Mike!

Blog Post created by pir8fan on Apr 29, 2011

Good morning fellow Exer's! The Freedom Train sets out today on a Friday run to Freedom! It is the last Friday in April! I am sure that for some of you who are early into your quits it seems that time drags! For me is seems to be blowing by pretty quickly! Of course, I have heard it said that life is like a toilet paper roll! The closer you get to the end, the faster it spins!

The Freedom Train starts it run this morning in the state of Maine! KathyS! Kathy!! Do you hear us? It is the Train! We came to get you! It is Party Time! You have 450 Smoke Free Days behind you! That is right! For the last 450 Days you have honored your word! You have kicked butts! You have not made an ash of yourself!! In the meantime you have provided friendship and comfort to so many of us! We know you have had some struggles of late, but it is important for you to know that we, your Exer family is here for you! We want to return the support that you have always extended to us! I am proud to say that I love you Kathy! And we are all glad that you are a part of our community! Celebrate your first 450 Days of Freedom!! You deserve all of the best!

The next stop for the Train today is in Missouri! Again! We have been to this state a lot lately! Today we are here to pick-up Mike! Do you feel that rumble Mike? Can you hear the Train whistle? It is the Freedom Train! We are coming to help you celebrate the fact that you have you first 100 Smoke Free Days behind you! Welcome, today, as the doors to The Triple Digit Club swing wide open for you! You bring such a great sense of understanding and a spirit of free thinking to our community! Celebrate your special day and do something special for yourself! We are all happy for you, and happy that you are a part of our family! Congrats on the first 100 Days of your New and Improved Smoke Free Life!

One other shout out before we get this Party cranked up! Lets all give a thumbs up to Pipster! Today, Pip can offically look back over her shoulder at No-Mans-Land!! Way to go Pip! 130 down,and a lifetime to go!! It just keeps getting better from here! Now lets get this Train rolling, and this Party started!!!

This Train is bound for FREEDOM from the Evils tobacco and smoking!!


ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL ABOARD!!!!!!!!!                                  Tommy