The Freedom Train!!! Gypsy 200, Zenagrin 100, Onedayatatime 100

Blog Post created by pir8fan on Apr 27, 2011

Good Morning fellow Exer's! I hope everyone is enjoying the Freedom from tobacco that we have all found! This morning The Freedom Train will start it's daily run to Freedom in the state of Maryland! Good Morning Gypsy(Sylvia)!Our Dear Sweet Gypsy has 200 Smoke Free Days behind her! Can I get  WOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Sylvia comes here every days and listens to all of us, as we go on about the things in our lives! Then, she gently steers us back on track! So, Sylvia, the Freedom Train is here for you today! Stop what you are doing! If it is gardening, cooking or just reading! Whistle for Shady and tell him we are going for a Train ride! (We stock dog treats on the Train!) It is time to celebrate your 200 Days of Freedom!! We are proud that you are a part of our community!

Now we need to get this Train moving into Canada! Zena? Zena? Do you hear that Train whistle! The Freedom Train is coming to get you! Our good friend Zena(Zenagrin) is a constant source of humor! She keeps us laughing and by doing so, promotes her feelings about the power of positive thinking! Zena, you are a rock and a star,and I am proud to honor you today after you first 100 Smoke Free Days! Keep smiling and laughing, and keep us smiling and laughing! We love you!

One more stop! Abby? Abby? We are here to get you! It is me, Tommy! And all the other Exer's on the Freedom Train! Abby(onedayatatime) has 100 Smoke Free Days behind her today! It has not been easy for her! She a been a friend to so many, at this site, for so long! The good news is that she has never quit quitting! Today she starts her second hundred day of Freedom! We are proud of you girl! So grab your prettiest party dress and dancin' shoes! Hop aboard this Train, and lets head for Freedom!

This Train is bound for Freedom from the evils of tobacco and smoking!


ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL ABOARD!!!!                             Tommy