Freedom Train Rolls on Monday!

Blog Post created by pir8fan on Apr 25, 2011

Good Morning fellow Exer's! I hope the sun finds all you you felling well today! the Freedom Train is about to make it's daily run to Freedom from tobacco! I want to invite everyone to come aboard! Bring your extra baggage as well! There are never any baggage fees, and we will help you sort it all out!

The first stop for the Freedom Train this morning is in Illinois! Anacondahead! There is a train out here looking for you! You have 650 Consecutive Smoke Free Days! That is awesome, and we are here to help you celebrate! So put down that pool stick! Turn off Project Runway! We have a runway for you right here above the Freedom Train! While I have not seen you around very much latey, You had a huge presence here when I first arrived! You have been a source of great wisdom in my quit! Come and party with us! Be a part of us and help others the way you helped me! I appreciate you!! 650 Days! What a great milestone!!!

The next stop for the Freedom Train this morning is in Akron, Ohio!! Or as I now call it, Dodge City! Dodge! Have you got that party dress on? Do you hear that Train whistle, drowning out the music coming from your piano? It is us! We are here for you! You have your first 100 Smoke Free Days behind you! It is party time! This is a day of celebration! Create memories today that will last a lifetime! Make today a day that you will be able to re-count to all of your friends! Let all of them know the joy of being Free for 100 Days! You are welcome to come sit up front with me, if you like! But most of all do some things that make this day a special day forever! BTW! It is OK to shoot nicodemons from the train! I only ask that you remember to pick up your brass so no one slips! We do not allow slips while on the Freedom Train! We are proud of you Dodge!! Now lets go find that black and yellow Sea-Doo!! Sombody grab that handle, and crank this party up!

This Train is bound for FREEDOM!! FREEDOM from all that has kept us from living our lives to the fullest!!


ALLLLLLLLLLLLLL ABOARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!                          Tommy