The Freedom Train!! Aztec 700!!! Misty Dawn 250!!

Blog Post created by pir8fan on Apr 5, 2011

Good morning fellow Exer's! This morning the Freedom Train is steaming out West! I hope everyone is feeling good about themselves and their quits! Breakfast shoud be available in the dining car very soon! Meanwhile I am searching for that first cup of coffee!

Our first stop this morning is to pick up my Dear Friend Aztec! May 5th, 2009!  Aztec was fighting off the first craves of an addiction she had committed to defeat!  Today, 700 days later, I think she is getting the hang of it! For 700 days she has honored her word to herself, and all who know her! But Aztec has done so much more than that! She tirelessly seeks out the new quitters among us! She provides them with a wealth of information that make their journey easier! Let me see a show of hands! How many of you are here today, in part, because of Aztec? Honey, you are an extremely valuable asset to this community! Thank you, for all that you are, and all that you do! And, a heartfelt congratulations on the first 700 days of your New and Improved Smoke Free Life! Climb aboard this Train! The celebration is about to begin!

Next stop is in Northern California! Misty Dawn! Misty Dawn! Are we waking you up? Hear that Train whistle? Feel that rumble? It is the Freedom Train! We are here to get you! You have 250 days of Freedom to celebrate! If you do not know Misty Dawn, you should! She is very unique(just like everyone else). Misty Dawn did not come here to quit! She just thought she would try not smoking for a while! How is that working out for you Honey? I can tell you that for the first 250 days is has worked very well! You remember that dress you were wearing when you were running barefoot down the beach the other night! That was good! Put that one on,(Shoes are optional) and come and celebrate with us! The Freedom Train is proud to have you aboard! Today is a great day for the race! That would be the human race! Now lets get this party started!!

This Train is bound for FREEDOM from the shackles that has bound us into slavery for so long!


ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL ABOARD!!!!!!!!!               Tommy