Blog Post created by pir8fan on Apr 5, 2011

I never had the privledge of knowing Ray Steele(ManOfSteele). What I do know is that he left an incredible legacy at this site, and was a true Super Hero! I have no doubt that he will live forever in the hearts of all of those whos lives he touched! It was brought to my attention, today, that Ray used to have bonfires! Everyone would come to a symbolic event, and burn the cigarettes that they had not smoked during their quits! I love this idea! Therefore: As a tribute to the ManOfSteele, it gives me great pleasure to announce that I have partnered with my friend Maggie to host the first monthly ManOfSteele Memorial Bonfire! This event will be held in the blogs on Friday April 8th, and hosted by Maggie! All should come and bring the cigarettes that you have not smoked during you quit! So get busy doing the math. We want everyone to tell us how many cigarettes you are contributing to the fire! If you have a friend, or family member, or hell, even somebody you don't really like, bring them to this event! You may save someones life! There will be Food, Music, and Dancing! Guest appearances by many of our Super Exer's. Maybe we can even get Peggy to write us a short note! The Freedom Train will provide transportation! The Freedom Limo will be standing by if someone needs a ride home! I really want to see everyone there! Remember to party responsibly. Watch this space for more detailed information! Meanwhile make sure everyone knows, and everyone goes!