The Freedom Train! Debi 500, BJMarks 1 year! Maggie 8 Mos, Anne 100, Lonita 90

Blog Post created by pir8fan on Apr 1, 2011

Good morning fellow Exer's! This morning the Freedom Train starts out in my home state of North Carolina! We are on the way to Debi's house! Feel the ground shaking Debi? Do you hear that Train whistle? That is the Freedom Train coming for you! Another of the, now famous, November to remember crowd has reached 500 days! Congarats Debi! You are a role model and a wonderful example for all of us who follow you! Debi, you give the people of this site credit for providing the courage, and the knowledge you needed to quit! That is not quite accurate! The knowledge is here! But the courage to look for it, and use it came from you!! Celebrate yourself today! We will celebrate with you!

Next stop is Alabama! BJMarks? Where are you honey! You can not hide from us! You have a year and we know it! That is right everybody! This is a One year milestone celebration for BJMarks! Honey, it has been a year! I am going to assume we can be on a first name basis now! BJ was once upset because the hospital she works at went Smoke Free! Today she is Smoke Free for a whole year! Rumor has it that the hospital is not upset! Come and celebrate this great milestone with us on that Freedom Train! You are a very valuable part of our family! You so deserve thia celebration! Congrats on the first YEAR of your New and improved life!!

Maggie! Maggie? Where are you Honey? We are now headed to get Maggie! This Lady has long been a blessing to this site and to The Freedom Train! How long you ask? 8 months to this site! Maggie comes here every day and quietly provides encouragement for all! She avoid saying anything that anyone may be offended by! She brings Food and Beverages to the Train! Maggie is a true blessing to us all! You got that party dress Sweetie? That Little Black  One! Bring those dancin' shoes too! There is going to be a party! Don't worry about bringing lunch today! Just come up front and sit with me!

Annie? Do you hear that? That is the sound of the Freedom Train steaming into MA! We know that you have 100 days, and we are coming to get you! If you don't know Annie, you should spend a little time with her during this party today! Annie is not a first time quitter! She quit once before, for 4 months! She did not quite make it out of no-mans-land! She was so close, and did not know it! Today we celebrate the fact that she tried again, and this time she found us! We will not let you fail Annie! Just hold my hand and stay with us!

We are also stopping today to pick up Lonita! Lonita is another frequent rider of the Freedom Train! Like so many this is not her first effort to quit! But it will be her last! She knows why she quit, and now she has us to help her understand how to stay quit! Lonita has 90 Smoke Free days behind her, and she is headed out of Mississippi bound for Freedom! Did you bring that party dress? You are going to need it! Crank up the band!