Do not quit before you are ready!

Blog Post created by pir8fan on Apr 1, 2011

Several weeks ago a very nice Lady in Florida was diagnosed with three abdominal aneurysms. One that might need surgery! Having access to a medical professional in the family, she began to understand that she needed to quit smoking. You see smoking restricts blood vessels. This is not a good thing, especially for aneurysms. It can cause them to rupture! So acting on the facts, her sister the medical professional went to see her. She took her a copy of Allen Carr's book. She took her to the best website in the world for people who are quitting. She introduced her sister to you and me! She worked hard to make sure that her sister understood the importance of quitting. She showed her, by example, that it could be done.

When this lady's sister left, she thought it all over, and decided to quit smoking. She started reading the book. She set her quit date, for today. She planned very well! She understood that her in-home job, working at her computer, was a trigger. She was used to smoking while she worked. Yesterday she called her boss and took a week off. She understood the importance of avoiding that trigger. Today is the day she is quitting!.............. But something went terribly wrong. This wonderful Lady quit a day early!

While this very special Lady went about the steps of preparing to quit, there was another aneurysm that had not been discovered. It was in her brain! Yesterday, that aneurysm ruptured. She was rushed to the hospital. Emergency brain surgery was preformed. A short time later another brain surgery. Two major surgeries back to back! This story is going to get better. Sandy's sister, Leah was taken off the ventilator this afternoon! She was able to talk and answer questions. She is not out of the woods yet. But the outlook is optimistic. Leah has quit smoking! She can never smoke again. The choice of when to quit was taken from her. It could have easily have been her life that was taken!

My point is simple. If you are planning to quit, get it done. Do it while the date is still your choice!