Freedom Train is headed for Rita's house!

Blog Post created by pir8fan Champion on Feb 23, 2011

That is right! Have you got that party dress on yet Rita? Do you feel the ground shaking? Listen for the whistle! The Freedom Train is coming after you! 150 Smoke Free Days!

 Ladies and Gentlemen, If you do not know Rita, it is high time you said hello! Rita is the personification diligence in her quit! 150 Days ago this Lovely Young Lady joined us under the pretext of needing our help! I am here to tell you that she did not need us! She came to help us! She probably did not know it at the time, and neither did we! During the time that Rita has shared with us, tragedy after tragedy has befallen her! This includes the loss of her beloved father! Through all, this remarkable woman has proved to all of us that there is never a reason to smoke! She has remained steadfast and true to her committment to herself and to us!! I stand to applaud her as she come aboard the Freedom Train today! Rita it is an honor to have you aboard! BTW! Rita loves cake! She has had to miss a lot of our celebrations. So, I am asking all who can to bring cake for Rita today!

I hope everybody woke up this morning with a sense of accomplishment! Wherever you are in your battle with this addiction, you are not alone! There are people here who care about you! Some you may not know, Some you may not like! But all sharing one common goal! The enemy of my enemy is my friend! As we look to our petty differences, let us keep our focus on our true enemy! Let us remember that we are all allies in the same battle!! I wish you all FREEDOM! And that is where this Train is going!! Hop on! And remember, if you are lugging around a lot of extra baggage, bring it with you! There are no baggage charges, and we will help you sort it out!!

ALLLLLLLLLLLLL ABOARD!                                 Tommy