Daisy has One Full Year!

Blog Post created by pir8fan on Jan 31, 2011

Today, as we wonder if winter will ever end, we see a beautiful flower peep through the snow up in Michigan! A closer look shows us that it is our own Sweet Daisy! We have been missing Daisy here for a while, much like some of you have missed the sunshine! Today the brightness of our Daisy will once again warm the pages of this site! Some of you know that Daisy has been enduring a tradegy that would have driven many back to the convience store! However with the same grace and class we have come to expect for our Daisy, she has shown us that there are indeed no reasons to ever smoke again!

Please, Please, join me as the Freedom Train stops to pick a most special passenger today! Let us raise our glasses in a special toast for one of our very finest! Daisy, you are truely a remarkable Lady! Thank you for sharing the first year of you smoke free life with us!! Most of all thank you for allowing me to call you my Friend!! PARTY TIME!!