Labor Day!

Blog Post created by pir8fan on Sep 3, 2010

This week-end we celebrate the freedom to work at a job of our choosing! It is hard to concieve of the idea that not all peoples have that option! God Bless America! This year their are not as many people celebrateing their employment! As conficatory taxes and mandated health care bite deeper into the pockets of American business, it is no surprise! This week-end unions will celebrate their power and tell us we are not smart enough to negotiate for ourselves! All the while they will take the money of the workers and funnel it to the same government folks who are busy destroying the American economy! And crushing jobs!

We at this site have come to realize that we have the power to overcome our addictions! We have discovered the we are responsible for our own actions! We have discovered that we can take that responsibility and get rid of an addiction that controls us and makes us dependent on it! That is power!!! Spread the word that we have the power to be independent of nicotine! We also have the strength and power to be independent of a government that would control us and make us dependent on it!

Stand up for yourself! Be independent! Stand up for America! Be independent!