God Bless America!

Blog Post created by pir8fan on Jul 13, 2010

I have been wrestling for quite a while now with the transition from who I have always been, to who I have become! I saw a blog a few minutes ago that stirred something in me! So I have something to say that may upset you or it may make you stand and cheer! I am not expecting a whole lot of neturality on this one!

I saw a blog a little bit ago in which the writter seemed somewhat surprised that you could choose smoking or non-smoking in a St. Louis restaurant. Many of you know that I have been quit for 194 days now and that I will do anything I can to help others quit as well. That being said, I must also say Thank You St Louis!!!!!

It is good to know that Socialism has not completely taken over the country that I love! While I totally agree that everyone should lay down their cigarettes and walk quickly away, I will defend until my final breath the right of all to kill themselves in any damnfool way that they choose. This is America! The greatest country to ever exist, without question. We are the one that have made life better for all the world (except when we banned DDT). We are the most charitable people ever to exist! We became great because people are free to make their own choices here. Yet everyday we see an all out assault on those freedoms. If you check with federal law, smoking is still legal in this country! Yet private business is told " You may not allow a legal activity in your place of businees". It is my belief that if a person risk his capital and opens a business, and creates jobs, and engages in something legal, then it is nobodys business what he allows or disallows.

The difference between Freedom lovers and Socialist comes down to this! If I see something I do not like and do not want to be around, I get away from it! If a Socialist see something they do not agree with, they feel compelled to ban it to everybody! It takes a lot of arrogance to think no one is ever right but you!

I will forever regret that I choose to smoke for a brief 44 years. I will never condemn the fact that I had the right to make that poor choice. Nor will I condemn the fact that I have the right to quit! I like my new choice better!

Just a little food for thought!            Tommy