Just One

Blog Post created by OldBones-Larry on Feb 26, 2018

I hear many people that say, "I can smoke just one and throw them away." We all know that sickorettes are just like potato chips.
No one can have just one!!
That sounds like a joke, but I am serious when I say it.
How many people do we know that are now trying for the ? time to quit smoking?
They thought they could have just one and then just put them down. They bought a pack and smoked one. Then about an hour later, their body and mind said that they better have another or suffer the pangs of withdrawal again. So, another sickorette went up in smoke.
The vicious cycle is back in motion!! They are addicted once more from just one sickorette.
One moment of inattention. One lapse in judgement. One flick of a lighter and everything that you have worked for is undone.
How do I know?
I almost made the same mistake myself several times.
Buying something at the market at the express lane, you see them in the rack. You are distracted by running through your to-do list. Did you remember everything you needed?
Your mind tells you to see if they have your brand. There are the lighters right there. Yes, they carry your coffin nails. You start to reach for a lighter as you open your mouth to request your brand.
Do you catch yourself in time? Do you realize what is happening? Do you put the lighter back and just pay for the items you came for?
Many don't and are back smoking again and feeling like a failure.

Is it worth taking that step and being trapped once more in that stinking habit?

We all know that it isn't worth that one perceived moment of pleasure, because when you light it up you hack and choke on it. 

Now comes the disappointment in yourself and the self-chastisement. You lecture yourself about what you did. You feel terrible.

Now you must begin again to free yourself from them.
Keep your guard up and watch for the traps waiting to close on you.

As my friend Joan told me many times...

Keep them away from your face! You can't smoke them that way.
Guard your quit like it is a treasure of gold and jewels, because in a way it is. Your quit is your life!
Keep your journey strong, my friends. You can make it to, and keep, a life free from nicotine.
One step, and then another, will get you to where you want to be.
Larry the Caravan Master