Larry is back

Blog Post created by OldBones-Larry on Dec 22, 2015

Larry opened his eyes and motioned me closer about an hour ago.

He won't eat and seems to become very ill at the smell of food.

He whispered that I should write and let everyone know he has returned.

As close as I can make out from what he has been saying, he was floating in the One(is that right?) and didn't want to return. He did say that someone called to him from outside of this One and said he was still needed in this world. He softly said that he was pushed out of that golden glow and began falling into grayness. That is when he says he woke up here. Heseems so sad that he had to return.

I must get back to watch him and make sure he is OK.

Maybe he will write to you all tomorrow.

WP (Larry's friend)

He just told me that I should have thanked everyone that raised their Song to Wise One Above. I do thank each and every one of you for doing this for him. I know I would be so lost without him here.