The Little Person Inside

Blog Post created by OldBones-Larry on Sep 8, 2015

Who would be the best support for someone trying to quit smoking?

Your pastor? Your wife/husband? The butcher? Your best friend from high school?

How about that small person inside you that has been pushed down and trapped by the years of smoking?

They might not be able to give you the memory of not smoking, but they remember the time that you were smoke-free. They are trying to tell you what that life was like.

Will you listen to them before it is too late and you have some sort of major health problem?

I know that I sure wish I had listened to that small voice talking to me.

Give that person free reign to guide you to a life without nicotine and chemicals. They can get you there.

Please let them out of the prison you have put them in. Let them guide you on the journey to a life of freedom from this addiction.

Makes sense to me anyway ....................

One step, and then another. will get you to where you want to be.

Larry the Caravan Master