On Towards The Mountain

Blog Post created by OldBones-Larry on Jul 9, 2015

While working on the edge of the drop-off at Desolation Point, we received some more supplies. We used a lot of the rope and poles for the repairs. The food and other supplies will be left at the oasis along the way. They will come in very handy. There was a message included with a suggestion that the short lengths of rope might be fashioned into whips to use against Nic and his buddies. I will explore the possibilities of this.  

We finished rebuilding at Desolation Point a few hours ago, and I am now traveling on towards Old Goat's mountain. I really feel I need to move quickly and get there as soon as I can.

A few miles back I came upon a traveler leading their camel. They said they thought it had hurt a foot or something. I checked and found a cut that I thought should be cared for. As I had a camel that was not carrying anything, I loaded their stuff on it and took the injured one. I will turn it over to the caretakers at the end of NML to be cared for.

When I get to the mountain, I will begin climbing the trail up towards the top. I feel I need to recover something in one of the caves up there. I will also visit the Dust Cave and refill my bag of Moses Dust.

While I am there, I will check in on The Old Goat and see if she has anything she wishes passed on.

From conversations I have had with some of the bedoins, I have learned that The Old Goat is really very old. Nobody seems to know exactly how old she is. They say their grandfathers met her when they were young boys. With age comes wisdom I guess.

I must close the scroll for today and get back on the trail.

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