Moving Along Again

Blog Post created by OldBones-Larry on Feb 15, 2014

We were on the trail early this morning. We have made very good time since it is cooler traveling weather. I can't believe how far we have come in 116 days.

Last night there was a flickering light in the distance. I was sure it was coming from the area I had thought I saw tents at. This morning I looked again, and I was right. That is where the light was coming from. Several others saw the light also. They want to move as fast as they can to get there. I told them to take it slowly so nobody was injured. Besides. we don't need to cripple the camels by trying to go too fast in this rock field.

I can clearly see that some of the goats are moving down the mountain. I left some dates and figs out for the deer and Gnu last night. I saw them early this morning come in and take them. They deserve them for watching over us and guiding us.

We have passed several springs today. All of them seem to be good water. I have quit gathering grasses since the vegetation is so green here.

I can see people moving around those tents ahead. They don't look like they are a threat to us from what I can see of the camp. I will know more as we get closer.

The time set for rest stoppage is over till later today. Let's see how much farther we can get today.

One step, and then another, gets you to where you want to be.

Hugs and love to all.

Larry the Caravan Master