Blog Post created by OldBones-Larry on Jan 15, 2014

Day 85 and still trekking in the desert. I think I see a small waterhole ahead. Will refill the waterbags and continue on.

I made some date bread the other evening, and now I can't find the last loaf. I think I might have dropped it into the deer's grass last night.

That mountain is getting bigger on the horizon. I'm ready to meet that goat. The GNU is leading us true and straight for the mountain.

On a personal note, I think I need to get hold of my cardiologist. My weight has shot up and I have a terrible cough now. It's getting harder to breath also.

I want to congratulate everyone on their quits. Keep up the great work.

One step, and then another gets you to where you are going.

Hugs and love.