Glad the weekend is over...

Blog Post created by nauticalnut_joy_7-18-11 on Aug 29, 2011

Had my first encounter with a smoker for a prolonged period of time on Saturday.  Tried to feel sorry for her because she is a smoker like Allen Carr said in his book but couldn't quite manage that feeling.  Not real sure how I felt, I was very conscious every time she lit up but didn't have to go into heavy breathing mode and didn't feel sorry for me because I wasn't smoking - so that's good!  Sunday I had that missplaced feeling most of the day, like there was something missing.  I just hate weekends right now.  And I hate that I hate weekends!  It's kind of twisted - the relaxing time I used to enjoy has become MY demon!!!  I'm 41 days into my quit - what am I doing wrong here???