Day 9: Got Some Questions for my Fellow-Exers

Blog Post created by nancipanci on Feb 27, 2012

Happy Monday!!! there such a thing??? Yesterday was a good day, easier and went by pretty fast. These first days of the quit I like the days to go by faster. My mindset for today: It will be a good day, I will remain smoke-free and it will go by uneventful (in my mind: uneventful days are good days)!

I've been trying to find some things out and maybe my co-horts can help answer:

1) I am on 2mg many mgs of nicotine is there in a cigarette? I need some comparison

2) After you start quitting, do your lungs feel funky: kinda congested with coughing? I'm 99% over pneumonia and my coughing seems to have gotten worse since I stopped smoking. I've heard that you lungs start healing and get the junk out but dont know if its true.

3) Where do I get a count-up clock for my profile page?