Day 5 - Looking to Day 7 to Reward Myself

Blog Post created by nancipanci on Feb 23, 2012

Ok, I am being very optimistic and super positive. I have decided that on Sunday (my first 7 days of being smoke free) I am going to reward myself with something and will continue to do so every Sunday after that I remain smoke-free. Why not???? Think about it, a pack of cigarettes here in NC are almost $6 a pack (that's a saving of $24-$30 a week for me!!!---OMG!!). If I can reward myself with a manicure, lunch out, or going to a movie it will give me something to look forward to and work towards since I normally dont do these things now because of that "nasty addiction".

I am into Day 5 and it has gotten easier and can't wait till Day 7 when I can say to myself as well as the world "Hey, I made it a week & I'm gonna win this battle".