I try to keep up

Blog Post created by mrios5776 on Nov 29, 2018

Holidays are a stress trigger for me. So when I get over stressed I come to the site to see what everyone else is going through. I try to come here every day, not so much to comment, just to read and think where I am in relation to what someone else is doing or not doing in their quit. I find the commonality of our addiction to be a sort of bond and we all feel compassion for one another as we cope with our everyday lives of going smoke free.

 For those who have smoked after they set their quit date. Everyone here understands fully what you are going through. Stay on this web site! Believe me you are going to find many more people just like you who have failed (myself included multiple times). DO NOT GIVE UP ON YOURSELF! It is not the act of quitting that is difficult, it is the act of starting and the dread of what you are going to experience when you do quit! Yes it sucks! You take it one day at a time. We are all here for you. The important thing to remember is if you fail, keep trying! When you resign yourself to not being able to stop you will be at the lowest of lows, I and many others on this site have been there too. At some point in time with enough educating and just plain stubbornness you will gather the courage to quit and succeed. 

 To those who have succeeded in quitting and staying quit for years GIVE YOURSELF A PAT ON THE BACK! you are the inspiration for the rest of us! To know there are people who can remain quit for years is inspiring! Do know everyday can be the day you say to yourself "Well I have been quit this long one cigarette won't do any harm. I once quit for two years and had that same thought. That was 1989. It has taken me this long to get back to my quit along with many failures in the past.

Quitting is easy! I have done it many times. The last two times have been with the help of this web site and thank Goodness it is here!