Just joined this site today

Blog Post created by kencman-06-25-2013 on Aug 16, 2013

Greetings. I am glad I found this site as I would like to share my quit story with someone who may be looking for answers and encouragement. I am 68 and had my first cigarette when I was 8. After smoking for over 5 decades with many attempts at quitting I am now at day 51. Honestly I never though I would see me quit. I have read a lot of other posts on the net and am especially interested in what is not told to us about what happens when we quit. All the good stuff is talked about but that really doesn't happen til much later down this path. To begin with the first two weeks were easier but now the cravings are just kicking my behind. The worst thing is my rage almost everyday now. I started this time with the patch and then when things got really bad I would supplement with 1/2 of a chantix pill and still do about every other day. I have more aches and pains now, my throat has a lot of phlem, I get out of breath where as I did not when I was smoking, I am tired tired tired all the time after an 8 stint in the bed. I eat like crazy and never seem to be full. So along with other peoples symptoms after quitting these are just a few of mine but I am not going to go thru this again ... Thanks for reading and feel free to comment. I am looking for folks I can communicate with. I hope your journey is a good one. I just wanted to add a bit more about me here so I might get some conversations going with some of you. As mentioned about I'm 68 and also retired Military / Systems engineer from Quest if you remember them. I like to have conversations on just about any subject and am a big picture thinker with an open mind. So if any of you go read my bio or wish to converse please do so, Thanks again for reading, Ken