When your thoughts are daring you to smoke...

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Dec 21, 2018

You have options to shut them down.

      I discovered this on my third morning when the person I was quitting to influence to quit (at the request of his younger brother) walked into the patio  outside of the workshop where I was, smoking.

      Of course seeing him smoking, you'd expect me to want to smoke, right?

What came to me in that moment was the fact that smoking is a choice. It made me laugh.  "My thoughts weren't going to "gotcha" me," I thought. At that moment, quitting became a game instead of a chore.


   Through the next week, I laughed every time the thought of smoking popped into my head. After that week, the laugh came intuitively in place of the thought.


Beginning our quits is the real unknown

By breaking old patterns with ones that are new

Changes in thinking are seeds that will grow.

Make it a game, it will help you get through.

If you'll laugh at your thoughts, You'll be two steps ahead

You'll be ready to  slippery thoughts in your head.

Make quitting a game, Not something you dread

Let cravings go by, Not fester and spread.


Even when you don't feel like laughing, do this out loud.

Say Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha and hear yourself.

You will feel so rediculous you must do it again.

Seriously, if you do this a few times, your whole outlook on quitting will change.