Quitting Smoking Is The Perfect Time To Find Your Wonder.

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Nov 26, 2018

I have a wonder!

It sustains me. 

I've always wondered how things work.

I always marvel at how the inventors created their inventions.

How engineers overcame obstacles.

How forces effect calculations.


      When I was 11, I took the family typewriter apart and put it back together. I had 5 extra pieces when it was done. 

      I got my first power tool at 8.

      I learned cabinetmaking from my dad starting at nine.


      When I went on the road at 18 as an entertainer it seems like a blur because so much living was compressed into those years. So much traveling and so many interesting people.


      Nowadays, wonder keeps me interested more than doing. As I reach my end,  I believe wonder is what keeps life interesting.


      I watched a fairly long video yesterday of a pine tree being removed that was right next to a house. It was all executed meticulously. They even laid down the large log cuts for the the lowest 30 feet to fall on. It was like a perfect quit. They didn't count on the force of that base breaking the water main.   Who would've known?


Find Wonder If You've Lost It.

Quitting Smoking Is The Perfect Time.

It's Still Free, And Very Freeing.


It's kind of fascinating to watch how a HUGE tree is felled without doing major damage to something close to it. It makes you wonder.

Pine Tree Removal - Part 1 - YouTube 

Pine Tree Removal Part 2 - YouTube 

the end of part two is where you see the water bubbling up under the tree.