~It's sort of odd looking in the light~

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Jul 21, 2018

      I've been working an hour or two here and there for the past couple weeks and finally worked out the kinks. (like the shelf support in the back)

      I'm going for a semi-industrial look.


      Here's the cart, ready for paint and metal- The two pieces of wood under the top in the back swivel out to support a fold down shelf. (see last cart picture)

The side/end next to the propane tank sitting on the ground behind the unit will be covered in aluminum with 1 1/2" aluminum corner trim.

When stored, the grill sits on the middle pull out shelf-The hole in the bottom shelf is for a regular bbq propane tank


When In Use The Grill Sits On Top. The top and the edge around the top will be aluminum as well as the edge of the pull out shelf.

The Casters were 4" and made the whole unit too tall so I built up under the caster cross arms to lower the whole cabinet 2 1/4  inches.

      This is an infared grill so it will get to 650 degrees like a steakhouse and there are no flareups because the flame is never exposed to any drippings and, the whole grill plate heats evenly.

The hinged drop down shelf behind the grill for condiments, buns, salads, etc.  It's going to be BRIGHT RED


Carp's-Que Coming Soon