Mac Davis' Mailbox

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      I have a chat roll I watch during the day and someone posted this Mac Davis link yesterday which stirred the following memory.


Mac Davis - It's Hard To Be Humble - YouTube 


      When my wife got pregnant (right after I severed my thumb) , we were searching for a Lamaze teacher and were referred to a Lise Davis who was coaching out of a condo in Westwood. We had no idea at the time she was Mac Davis' wife.

      After Jessie was born (1987) I received a call from Lise asking me if I would consider making a mailbox for Mac as a Christmas gift. (she knew I was a carpenter)

      I drove to their home in Bel Air and she and I took a drive so she could point out what he had mentioned he liked.

      Well, what she showed me was a plain little rectangular mailbox with cedar shingles on the side.

         I told her I could make something like that for a few hundred dollars but that I had some other ideas.

      She asked me to explain.

      They had a French Tudor? mansion on a 5 acre lot. I suggested I duplicate some of the features including wood bat and plaster breakups, divided light windows, a hand carved circle head door, a roof made up of 450 handmade multicolored slate fish scale shingles and a thick copper plate coming out of the top that said "Fair Oaks" (the name of the estate) and the street number cut out. They had a keycard entry box on an arm to open their private gates which I incorporated into the mailbox design to conceal it. 

(I just found pictures on a page from my projects book.)



      Mac liked it so much he later contracted me to remodel his master bath and entry bath.

      In between the mailbox and before I did the bath remodels, Mac decided to throw a surprise 30th birthday party for Lise and invite all her Lamaze students and their babies. There were at least 90 or more couples who came with their newborns.

He had big tents and catered food, a clown for the children and he even had a plane fly over that said "Happy Birthday Lise."

      The maid later told me the party cost 90K. (when I was doing the remodeling.) Yeah, it was a good party.

      It appears they've sold the property and the new owner has torn down the mansion and completed the following monstrosity in 2014. 

Hadid Design & Development Group » Nimes Road / Bel Air, California 


back in my construction days we used polaroids to document our work.