I Just Received A Call

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Apr 19, 2018

      It showed on caller ID as Twinda, the friend I met 11 years ago on the quit smoking site I had quit on.

      I had meant to call her the past weekend and didn't get around to it so I was excited to talk with her.

      As you know I was planning to fly her here to spend a week and then she had a COPD flareup and required oxygen 24/7.  "I Have Some Bad News" 

      That was a huge hindrance because she couldn't bring enough with her for a week which meant I was going to have to figure that out and the accommodations wouldn't be certain until the very last moment.

      The last time we spoke, I was going to try to go up there.

The call tonight

It was her daughter.

My friend passed away this morning.



RIP Twinda  (She was a twin and I am a twin and when we met, I had a number of Linda's in my life, so I always called her Twinda.)