Are You Smoking Like A Chimney The Day Before You Quit?

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Apr 8, 2018

Isn't That Projecting To Yourself

      "I'm Really Going To Be Giving Up Something So I'm Going To Cling To It   Right To The End."

      It's Certainly Not  Changing Behavior Before A Quit. It's Certainly Not Easing Into A Quit. The Road Becomes More Like Shock Therapy.


      I Don't Believe The Majority Of People Who Approach Their Quit In This Way Are Really Ready To Quit And They Will Most Likely End Up In The 94%.

(The Exception Being Those Forced To Quit Because Of Health)


      I Think A Better Mindset Is Getting Into Letting Go Of Smoking Instead Of Giving Up Smoking.  See, This Belief That You Are Giving Up Something Good Is BULL****.

The Problem Is You Can't See It 'Til You've Done It.


(Sorry I forgot To Include Any Roses Or Fairies.)

(This Post Is Intended Simply To Make Those Who Aren't Preparing Or

Changing Their Routine Before They Quit Think About Doing So.)