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Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Apr 6, 2018

      By any and all means

      Find something that interests you that you can enjoy after you've quit.

You really need to get the dopamine/satisfaction replaced one way or another.

That's a big reason many go back. Our Pleasure Receptors Have Been Hijacked To The Point That Nicotine Was The Thing That Gave Us Pleasure.

Think Of The Cigarette After Sex Connection? Or The One After A Meal.

It's All To Please Those Nicotine Receptors.


      I took a photography class in adult ed and my favorite aunt traded me her camera and 3 lenses for a tiger eye ring I got in Bangkok.

      The thing was, film and developing were expensive.

That has all changed.

You can buy a digital camera for $100-$300 with the money you're saving from not smoking and it's ZERO cost once you've done that. You can even use your smart phone. 


    The Savings Comes In Because You can print JUST THE ONES YOU WANT instead of a whole roll of 36 pictures of which you never had any idea of how it was going to look until you'd spent the money.. Digital Makes It Foolproof.


      I went for a drive with a friend today and took some pictures while we were moving.

Do Something To Get That Dopamine!