You Will Know When You've Let Go

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Aug 12, 2017

      The thing I find lacking on quit smoking websites is something in the way of things to look for. Oh there's lots of facts and figures but where's the hope? Our Interaction here is hope but, how can you have proof of your hope if you don't know what to look for?


      This is why I talk about the first 4 months. This is the pivotal time when I've seen most people disappear. If you've had prior quits, think back to when you gave up and went back to smoking?


      Milestones are your hope and, if you don't look for them and just trudge through you might not appreciate them fully or miss them altogether.

      They are the fuel for the next step.

      I'm going to list a few. If you think of others, please respond.

1. Getting through the first month. Most people feel exalted that they've made it that far. Some, OVER exalted. Don't get overconfident but appreciate this accomplishment. It is a big one.  It is your preparation for the second step.


      That first month is your first skin in the game.

The next three or four months cement your commitment.

2. That first day you realize you didn't think of smoking once the day before.

3. After you reach the second plateau and really truly understand

    you don't NEED smoking even though you thought of it.

That's when you're out of no mans land.

4. Those next two years

      You're going to have some tough experiences the first two years. Things that will shake you profoundly, Death, Loss, Deceit, Unfaithfulness. These are the tough parts of life we have to get through without smoking.


Relapse rates drop to 2-4% at two years. That's the kind of statistic I look for.


Be Positive.

If you can get through a day, you can do a week, and a month and a year.

Look for what you want. This is your time to find it.