Truth Or Myth

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on May 12, 2017

"You really have to want to quit to quit."

      I saw it stated again recently.

      I believe that MYTH keeps many people from ever starting because they believe they can't quit unless the really want to and they don't think they have that in them to risk it. Risk what I say? Saving your health? Isn't your health the key to your happiness? Do you want to hurt or have parts missing before you are happy?

      I've seen so many, many, people come to this site saying they wanted to quit and fail.

      Here's what I do believe. I do believe you can decide to quit, and, I know,

until you do, you will fail.

Saying you want something isn't enough for most to achieve it.

      Many successful quits start with a health problem like an upcoming surgery or even pneumonia.  These people didn't want to quit so how did they do it?


      What they did not do was cling to smoking.

      What they did not do was resent they could not smoke.

They were awakened because of NECESSITY.

After not smoking for a time they realized they were not only better off not smoking, they now had this time not smoking under their belt and they weren't suffering.


Don't Believe The Myths. They Are The Resistance