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Aunt Minnie's Cookies (Secret Family Recipe)
You Need A Strong Arm Or A Kitchenaid Mixer. (I was the strong arm.  :-)    You may have a grandson?.
We Used To Make Them At Thanksgiving As They Have To Age A Month But They Are Hands Down, The Best Holiday Cookies I Have Ever Tasted.
Aunt Minnie Was From Portland, Oregon. I Met Her When I Was Very Young.

These are wonderful to pass out to friends in those metal tins but you really do have to make them soon if you intend to pass them out for the holidays. I suggest storing them together and separating them into tins as you give them away.

We put the 1/2 cut apple or 1/2 orange in as a matter of course with lots of extra powdered sugar in the container and toss them within the container every week. They are chewy, not too sweet but if you don't keep the cut orange or apple in the container while they age, you will break your teeth.

I like the bar cookies the best but we do both.

I hope someone will try the recipe. I can almost guarantee it will become a new tradition to pass obn.

Here's the ingredient list to cut the recipe in half