Update from Nancy this morning

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Eltz Castle

  From Nancy:
       I guess this is my fault for bragging on the weather we have had the entire trip - woke up today to the mountains fogged in and rain here in the valley. It's supposed to clear up........
  Took a lovely hike around the village yesterday afternoon - past the pastures with cows and goats and sheep with all their bells a-ringing.  The bells are not a myth --- I think they wear them now for the tourists, but in the old days they were free roaming and I guess the farmer could use them to find strays (or getaways in some cases)  There were even dark brown sheep with black faces.....
  Roses grow so wonderfully here.  They are thriving with 7" blooms.  It is never really hot here, and lots of moisture.  I am so enjoying them - and ALL the flowers.  Most of Europe that I have seen all have wonderful gardens and balcony boxes overflowing.  Ferns are most everywhere, too, with a miniature variety that plants itself between rocks in ancient stone walls.
  After a bit we plan to take the train to Murren to a lake (with paddle boat - of course!) or take a train up the mountains to a cafe for a bite and some hiking.
  I think all the running for trains,  changing platforms and walking castle and train station stairs has gotten me in great shape.  Nothing is hurting and most hikes have not been too challenging.  If we hadn't eaten so much bread and chocolate, I might have actually lost some weight!
  More later!