NRT's Are Fine If You Realize What They Can Do And What YOU Are Doing

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Jul 8, 2016

they won't quit for you but can be useful in helping arrest the physical need. They will not make you think of smoking any less because that is more the routine/habit/psychological addiction part of quitting..

Here's some basic information for those considering using an NRT.

Basically, you receive 1mg of nicotine from one cigarette.

With that in mind:

The strength of the patch you choose should be based upon how many cigarettes you were smoking at the time you quit,

a 21mg patch is equal to 21 cigarettes.

A 14mg patch is equal to 14 cigarettes

a 7mg patch is equal to 7 cigarettes.

a 2mg piece of gum is equal to two cigarettes

a 4mg piece of gum is equal to 4 cigarettes.

It's the same with the lozenges. 1mg equals one cigarette

If you are on the patch and using gum or lozenges, you may be getting much more nicotine than when you smoked which only deepens your physical need for more nicotine.

Be aware. If you are popping a piece of gum every time you think of smoking you are not disconnecting the routine based urge to smoke. That is part of unlearning smoking.

Self dosing NRT's are what some people become psychologcially addicted to simply because they are self dosing. I recommend the patch for that reason. You aren't in control. You are trusting the patch to do it's work and not popping an NRT in your mouth every time you think of smoking.