My twin brother shared this joke at dinner last night...

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An old lady was pulled over by a patrolman for speeding
When she rolled down her window the officer asked, Do you know you were going 90 in a 45 zone?
no I didn't officer.
can I have your driver's license?
They took it away two weeks ago for a DUI.
How about proof of insurance?
I stole this car and hacked up the owner and he's in the trunk.
The officer pulls his gun and backs away while calling for backup.
6 squad cars arrive and the captain says to the patrolman, I'll take it from here.
He walks up to the car and asks for the woman's license. She hands it to him.
Hmmmm everything seems to be in order but my patrolman says there's a body in the trunk.
Would you please walk back with me and open the trunk?
They do, she does.
The trunk is empty. He asks her why his patrolman would tell him such a thing and she says
that liar? he probably told you I was speeding too.