I struggled the same as everyone but I didn't give in and I learned some things that got me through.

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Apr 20, 2016

I consider myself analytical but not anal.

When I look at a task, I look for solutions, specifically for the best one after thinking through all avenues open. I am here simply to pass my observations on to you.

My quit was iffy a few times in those first 4 months. I watched many quits fall by the wayside during this time period on the first site and I've watched  the same thing happen here for the past 8 years with so many disappearing during this time frame.

So what got me through and what will get you through?

I dug in and researched and I came across a medical study that claimed if people went 16 weeks without smoking, they had an excellent chance of freedom.

I read daily on the site I was on and came across a post by Ron Maxey that described THE FEELINGS  that drove people to give up after the first month and I realized, that was me but that was also why so many were falling by the wayside.

They simply did not know what to expect or how to work their way through it.

If you've failed again and again, ask yourself how many of those times were in the first 4 months and then read the following link.

Nobody gets to a year without getting through the first 4 months.  :-)

The only way out is through!