I've been around here awhile

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Jan 4, 2016

I've noticed most groups tend to lose participation quickly as people lose their quits and leave the site..

So what are groiups for? What do groups do?

Since we don't have live chat, they enable topics of conversation that may or may not relate to what's going on in the blogs.

There are daily pledge groups.

There are groups for people who quit the same month as others in the group.

Groups induce comraderie.

They can produce humor, creativity and sharing.

I heard it from a little bird that they want to slim down the untended non participating groups.

It was also suggested I might spruce up my latest group so I've renamed it, explained it and all are welcome.

It's about insights and milestones in your quit smoking walk.

Here's a link.

If you've realized something you've overcome on your quit smoking walk, join the group and share it with us.Someone else might be ready to experience the same think or it may give another the confidence to go on.

Perhaps you have an idea that has not been created as a group multiple to hundreds of times that we could flesh out and see what interest there is?