Just Getting Around To Quitting or Doing It Again? You Are Entering The Outer Limits

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Sep 21, 2015

We can't control life



I didn't PUT MYSELF in a bad place before I quit.

Smoking is a choice just as not smoking is a choice.

You must decide to quit. This decision doesn't have to be painful or abrupt, but you must get your logical head into your quit and throw out the addicts logic and voice.

When you decide to quit, you can put the garbage aside and look at quitting for what it is.

In this way,  you control it and not the other way around.

With a choice comes willingness instead of fighting with yourself.

Before I quit, I simply told myself to wait a bit longer when I wanted to smoke. In four weeks I was down from a pack a day to 5 a day and I wasn't focused on quitting. I had proven to myself I DIDN'T NEED TO SMOKE JUST BECAUSE I THOUGHT I DID.

Smoking is learned behavior with nicotine keeping you coming back for more. You don't need to create anything more difficult out of it.

It is awkward for a time because you are learning a new behavior but you need not give it any more credit than that.

No one has died from wanting to smoke.

When you internalize these simple concepts and let go of the BS, you will succeed.