2 Quit Smoking Scenarios

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Aug 19, 2015
                Let's compare the two             
First Comes Fear             
Then Comes Dishonesty            
Then Comes Smoking           
First Comes Calm          
Then Comes Steadfastness         
Then Comes Freedom         
         In the first scenario     
The quitter believes all the lies about how hard it is to quit and feeds their fear right up to their quit day.     
The quitter, still projecting the worst, begins talking to themselves. They tell themselves they can't do it. They tell themselves they must smoke    
The quitter smokes    
     In the second scenario 
The quitter learns about quitting from those who have done it. They learn what they are up against and   diffuse what they had previously feared. They learn about the process and what to expect when. They learn that we've all gone through what they are going to experience and survived and are happy to be free. 

The quitter changes their smokers routine to learn a new way of living.


After a time, they are free.

No one makes you frantic but you. No one makes you smoke but you.