Nancy/Youngatheart called

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Jan 9, 2015

Not much news.

She's pretty helpless  The bed slopes and she wakes near the bottom in very uncomfortable positions. She can't move herself and there aren't people readily available to help get her up so she's stuck in that position for hours.

She is able thankfully, to order the widcard lunch. LOL

She said they are going to try and release her the middle of next week. I told her not to screw it up as the last rehab center circulated so serious a virus that she had to stay weeks extra and they had her taking drugs so strong that it killed off all her gut flora. (this plays a major role in our immune systems)

The good thing is her daughter is able to do her work online from 8-5 PST online. How cool is that?

So when Nancy comes out her daughter will be able to help for a bit.

She appreciates your support.

That's all folks!