talk about a change

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Nov 2, 2014

Quitting is a tough thing.

It is so dam familiar that it's hard to let go. That and missing the dopamine release makes us think we can't go without it.

I had never experienced depression or anxiety to any extent until after I quit smoking.

I had a real rough time during the 50's (days 54/55/56 as I recall)

I felt hopeless. (Now I know I was in No Man's Land)

What did I learn?

I learned I didn't want to go through that again.

I learned "The only way out is through"

If you feel like you just can't do it, perhaps you might go to your dr and get an RX for a mild anti-depressant that you can get off of when you feel you don't need it any longer. Many of these take a month to begin working so use good judgement. They also take a few weeks to get off of.


start learning what other things release dopamine right up front.





and CHOCOLATE among other things.

Volunteering or a hobby that holds your interest are a couple of other helpful long term distractions.

"Quits don't stick unless you stick to them."