Have you got what it takes?

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Oct 9, 2014

That's what I was asking myself this morning.

I came to my desk and hit the power button on my laptop and it came up as unable to boot.

Then some file fixer from windows came up and said it was going to attempt to fix it and it might shut down a few times during the process. (Not off but restart)

So I come back awhile later and push the power button and NOTHING!

I could've freaked out because this is the computer I save all my important files on. My original music files,  my finances,  You know, the stuff that is irreplaceable?

FYI: If you unplug a laptop and remove the battery too, it will usualy reset the system and fix the reason it would not boot when you put the power supply and the battery back in? (yes I tried this first)

I've had a number of harddrives fail over the years so a few months ago I bought this dock that you can hookup to a USB port and slide both sizes of harddrives in without any other wires needed. So I take the back off the laptop and remove the harddrive.

I let the dock install and then tried to get to the OS drive but it would only give me access to the secondary partition which is mainly just a storage area. So I start thinking "Hmmm, you need a password when the computer turns on and because this is just in a dock, how will I ever get to a place to do that?" (Are you getting all this?)

So I email the harrdrives manufacturer and explain the problem.

No answer from them but I got access to the OS drive and am backing up the files on another drive. It says 9 hours. DO I CARE?