There are three stages of the thought process

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Oct 8, 2014

1. The thought. We have thoughts all day long that we don't follow through on. If we followed through on every thought that crossed our minds, the jails would not be big enough and we'd all be wearing electronic ankle bracelets.

2. Consideration. That time period between a passing thought and taking action on that thought.

3. Deciding to do what you were thinking of and initiating action.

So, when it comes to not smoking, at which stage do we need to stop the process to avoid smoking? (the answer is stage one, the "passing thought" stage. Once you start considering, you may talk yourself into smoking-This is why we stress distracting yourself and teach you distractions)

If you have quit smoking and don't have any cigarettes around there are many steps that must be taken before you actually light one up and smoke.
1. Get dressed to go to the store.
2. Find the car keys.
3. Get in your car.
4. Drive to the store.
5. Get out of your car and walk in.
6. Ask for the cigarettes
7. Get out your money or card.
8. Get matches or a lighter
9. Open the pack of cigarettes.
10. Trash the top wrappings.
11. Tap the pack to get one to come out.
12. Put the pack away.
13. Put one in your mouth.
14. Light it and inhale.

You could choose to stop at any of the first 13 steps so there are no excuses.