People who never find new ways will inevitably go back to the old ways

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on May 14, 2014

If every day quit is a bad day, you're doing it wrong. You are focusing on minutes not freedom.

You are fighting yourself not willingly accepting what you say you want.

Why do we focus on the few bad days? Are we trying to escape our quit?

It's easy to go back to smoking if smoking is all you think about. If smoking is all you think about, you haven't learned to distract your mind when you get an urge to smoke.

It's about changing little things and patterns that you did as a smoker. Once you start changing these little patterns you don't need to think of smoking or quitting. The little changes will remind you instead. Let new ways remind you you can change.

Changing it up.

Ever tried eating with your other hand?  Taking a different route to work? (no I don't want you driving blindfolded) Simple little things like moving the furniture around, making a new recipe,These will help you understand you can change and get you out of the trap of "smokers thinking."

If you get a craving that just won't go away? Slap yourself in the face. Stick your head under a cold water faucet. Howl at the moon. These things won't do damage but they will certainly remind you that you have a purpose.

You simply cannot think the same way you did when you were a smoker and succeed.