It's Been Fun~~~Sometimes~~~

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Jul 27, 2013

The song is called "Hold Onto Your Quit" I'm wishing you all my best.

It's a new day

Never thought I’d be here saying this So hey there whatta bout you?

Hey you don’t need to be dying They’ll show you what to do.

It don’t happen overnight cause it’s a process not a flash

But its not as bad as you imagine and it doesn’t take no cash

It takes a commitment, and the decision, not to smoke

Can you hear me? I’m sayin that’s all it is, no joke

Start smoking less, think of what you’re gainin

You’ll have good or bad when its sunny or it’s rainin

We’ll teach you the facts and help you keep rolling along

And therein lies the message of this song

Oh, not smoking them cigarettes glad I got ridda that smell

Oh not smoking them ciggies  money in my pocket as well

Oh not smoking them cigarettes improving my future and health

Well hey, don’t know what ur waiting for You could be quitting as well


Don’t dwell on that smoke, just keep saying N.O.P.E

Don’t worry about it ……..Hold onto your quit