Not About Smoking~~About A Very Difficult Virus To Remove From Your Windows Computer

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Dec 27, 2012


I got a virus Christmas Eve day that would have been impossible to remove without a second computer and 7 hours of research and work to remove it..

All of you with windows operating system.

See if you have Windows Defender  on your computer and update it. NOW (Windows Defender Is Free)

Also, get a usb flash drive (500mb should be enough) and download windows defender offline (this is a different program and runs from a usb drive) you cannot get to windows defender once the virus is in your pc. Install Windows Defender Offline on that usb drive OR BURN TO A BLANK CD and keep it for the future.

The virus was unable to be removed by Norton, Malwarebytes or Glary Utilities.

The virus was called the FBI Green Dot Moneypack Virus and when  the computer finishes loading the startup programs the virus takes over the entire screen so you can not get out of it. They want $300 to give you the unlock code. Listen, if you are doing something illegal, the FBI isn't going to take a payoff to excuse you. That's what tipped me off. So I got on my netbook and started googling.

You have to boot to safe mode with networking to even attempt removing it.

Another Option

If your computer has system restore and is running well, make a restore point. NOW

I am somewhat computer savvy and this is the worst thing I have ever seen.

Plan ahead like you plan a quit.

If you have any questions about this pm me.