For Those Concerned About Putting On Weight Who Don't Already Have An Exercise Program And Need Simple Instructional Videos

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I have read that we need to eat 200 calories less per day as non smokers to maintain our old smoking weight..

First>It has been noted that most quitters should focus on their quits and deal with any weight gained after they have quit. I agree that quitting smoking must be the immediate focus. Don't try to fix everything at once if it is too overwhelming you.

Speeding Up Your Metabolism>Eat 5-6 small (2-3 bites) meals per day to get into and stay in fat burning mode. Most think that starving themselves and skipping meals is logically the way to lose weight but in fact, skipping meals makes your body think it is being starved so it does just the opposite with the food you do eat and stores it as fat. Breakfast gets your metabolism going. Don't skip it!



Here is an example of the simple exercise videos with easy and difficult options provided

And here is an example of  weight loss articles that come in my email