On Exercise...I've had a hard time getting motivated

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Jul 19, 2012

I was supposed to rehearse today but something came up for one of the musicians so we put it off until tomorrow. One of those three hour rehearsals feels like I ran a marathon.  I realize its not the same but when I sing and play, I use every muscle in my body. It's quite a different workout.


So, I decided to ride my bike. (I don't have a right ankle so it's hard for me to run or even walk far.)

I haven't ridden since before I was in the hospital the 1st of June because of the triple dose of blood pressure meds they inadvertently put me on after the hospital and I now realize I won't be able to hold my head on my shoulders much longer without some form of exercise. LOL.

So I rode to the park and and went around it three full times. It was steady, no slacking ride and it's a fairly big park.

Worked up a sweat. Now I'll have to keep increasing my trips around it until I feel I can ride to the beach from here.

This is going to require a lot more showers. A lot more.

Not going to smoke over it.


ps there's a link on my page to videos of our rehearsal last week if you feel the need to watch. LOL

follow the link and choose videos on the left.

This is not a money making link. Just three guys learning to play my songs.