"Frito Feet"

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Apr 8, 2012

People are not the only creatures that can develop stinky feet. A certain strain of bacteria known as pseudomonas is said to smell like corn tortillas, and it is possible that it is the source of the smell. However, the skin of cats and dogs naturally harbors micro-organisms, more commonly referred to as bacteria, and when this bacteria is trapped between the toes and around the pads of the feet, crevices on the pads and the areas between the toes can begin smelling a little pungent. This bacteria that thrives on moisture gives off a yeasty odor that smells a lot like Fritos corn chips, and it is thought to be the primary reason for cats and dogs having what is commonly referred to as Frito feet.

Are you wondering if your cat's or dog's feet smell like Fritos corn chips? Why wait for a foot in the face? Go get your furry family member and take a little whiff if you dare. Chances are you will discover that your cat's or dog's feet smell just like Fritos corn chips too. You will never look at corn chips the same way again!