Welcome. its easier to overcome if you know what you are fighting (So Lean On Us)

Blog Post created by jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 on Feb 23, 2011

i've spent probably 12-15,000 hours on this and another quit smoking site since I quit over 4 years ago

i started out just like the rest of you.  i didn't have any of the knowledge i have now.

i had quit smoking for 2 weeks with no input whatsoever.

but in joining a site similar to this, i began learning about the whole process.

It is a process

I listened and felt how hundreds, thousands felt as they went through it.

i learned so much about things i would have never considered.

no mans land:, i learned about it just before i entered into it myself

i learned about the nicotine receptors.

All this knowledge passed down from the elders

i have heard every possible excuse for smoking there is.

i am here because i know very few people can spend 10 or more hours a day on a quit smoking site.

we old timers are here to help you circumvent the time it took us

to gain the knowledge we possess.

and we are also here because we enjoy helping and the love and care we share.